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University of Connecticut Frank E. Musiek
Neuroaudiology Lab

Neuroaudiology Lab

Director: Frank E. Musiek

Location: First Floor, Phillips Speech and Hearing Center (approx. 750 sq. ft.)

Phone: (860) 486-3807

Neuroaudiology Lab

L to R (back row): Maggi Dunlap, Missy Graziani, James Ando, Stephany Briggs, Dara Kelly, Erin Perez, Laura Poff

L to R (front row): Frank Musiek, Jennifer Gonzalez, Elizabeth Flynn, Stephanie Waryasz, Hillary Siddons, Mallory Brown, Julianne Ceruti

Doctoral (PhD) Students:

Julianne Ceruti

Jennifer Gonzalez

Doctoral (AuD) Students:

James Ando

Stephany Briggs

Mallory Brown

Kristin Geissler

Missy Graziani

Erin Lazar

Erin Perez

Hillary Siddons

Research Associates:

Doris Bamiou, M.Sc., M.D. ( London )

Peter M. Scheifele, Ph.D.

Eliane Schochat, Ph.D. ( Sao Paulo )

Jennifer Shinn, Ph.D.

Stephanie Nagle, Ph.D.

Jennifer McCullagh, Au.D./Ph.D.

Jeffrey Weihing, Ph.D.

Shannon Palmer, Au.D./Ph.D.

Other Associates:

Leah Newman-Academic Assistant


  1. An 8’X8’ double walled sound booth with 2 plug in panels and 2 observation windows on opposite sides
  2. A 3 speaker (sides and over head) sound field system
  3. A 4 channel Nicolet evoked potential averager with maximum length sequence (MLS) capability
  4. Intelligent Hearing Systems evoked potential averager
  5. Neuroscan evoked potential system
  6. Grason Stadler Tymp Star II (advanced series)
  7. Two Audera evoked potential systems
  8. Auditory interactivities/psychoacoustic system (on lap top)
  9. Grason Stadler 61 diagnostic audiometer
  10. Sony II CD player
  11. Two Grason Stadler 60 Otoacoustic emission systems
  12. Grason Stadler 70 screening otoacoustic emission system
  13. Bruel and Kjaer 159 calibration system, artificial ear and mastoid
  14. Audiological test CDs
  15. Central auditory test CDs
  16. X-ray view box
  17. Misc. filters, sound generators, speakers, oscilloscopes
  18. Portable Maico diagnostic audiometer
  19. Audera DPOAE System
  20. E-Prime capabilities

Current Projects:

  1. Influence of non-auditory factors on tests of central auditory function (Weihing, Ceruti, Gonzalez, Herget, Fitzgerald, Geissler, Guenette, Musiek)
  2. Neuroanatomical features of the superior temporal plane (Weihing, Nagle, McCullagh, Scheifele, Hunter, Musiek)
  3. A comparison of auditory evoked potentials obtained from the HEARLab and NeuroScan (Ceruti, Gonzalez, Herget, Fitzgerald)
  4. Electrophysiological measures of gap detection (Palmer, Musiek)
  5. The slow wave ABR: Effects of rep rate (Fitzgerald, Wierzbinski, Musiek)
  6. Characteristics of the simultaneous recorded ABR-MLR (Davison, Gonzalez, Wierzbinski, Musiek)
  7. Onset and offset auditory evoked potentials (Gonzalez, Musiek)
  8. Electrophysiologic measures of click fusion (Labrecque, Musiek – AuD)
  9. MLR and central auditory disorders -review and analysis (Musiek, Nagle, Weihing)