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University of Connecticut Frank E. Musiek
Neuroaudiology Lab


Articles / Book Chapters

Dr. Musiek's CV

(selected from 170 publications.)

  • Maro, I., Moshi, N., Clavier, O., Mackenzie, T., Kline-Schoder, R., Wilbur, J., Chambers, R., Fellows, A., Jastrzembski, B., Mascari, J., Bakari, M., Matee, M., Musiek, F., Waddell, R., Fordham von Reyn, C., Buckey, J. Auditory Impairments in HIV-Infected Individuals in Tanzania. Ear & Hearing, 2014. In Press.
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  • Sahey, T.L., Hammonds, M.D. & Musiek, F.E. (2013). Endogenous dynorphins, glutamate and N-methyl-d-aspartate (NMDA) receptors may participate in a stress-mediated type-I auditory neural exacerbation of tinnitus. Brain Research, 1499: 80-108.
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Books / Monographs

Neuroaudiology: Case Studies

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Central Auditory Processing Disorders: New Perspectives

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Efferent Auditory System: Structure and Function

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Assessment of Central Auditory Dysfunction: Foundations and Clinical Correlates

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Contemporary Perspectives on Hearing Assessment

(Musiek, FE and Rintelmann, WF {Editors} Boston: Allyn & Bacon, 1999.

Selected Topics in Central Auditory Dysfunction

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Contemporary Issues in Clinical Audiology

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The Auditory System, Anatomy, Physiology and Clinical Correlates.

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Handbook of (Central) Auditory Processing Disorders, Volume I : Auditory Neuroscience and Clinical Diagnosis

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Handbook of (Central) Auditory Processing Disorders, Volume II : Comprehensive Intervention

Chermak, G.D. & Musiek, F.E. San Diego: Plural Publishing

Disorders of the Auditory System

Musiek, F., Baran, J., Shinn, J. & Jones, R. San Diego: Plural Publishing, 2012.

Handbook of (Central) Auditory Processing Disorders, Volume I : Auditory Neuroscience and Clinical Diagnosis, Second Edition

Musiek, F.E. & Chermak, G.D. San Diego: Plural Publishing

Handbook of (Central) Auditory Processing Disorders, Volume II : Comprehensive Intervention, Second Edition

Chermak, G.D. & Musiek, F.E. San Diego: Plural Publishing

Test Materials

We have developed several auditory processing test procedures for which the normative (validity) data has been determined by our own research.

These tests include:

  • Dichotic Digits (1983)
  • Frequency (Pitch) Patterns (from M. Pinheiro, 1977)
  • Duration Patterns (1989)
  • Gaps In Noise (GIN) (2005)